year 2014
working hrs. 10.828 read-off
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year 2015
working hrs. 1.580 read-off
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Kobelco SK 350 LC-8
year 2016
working hrs. 780 read-off
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If you are looking for a chain excavator, you will find suitable second-hand models in the earlier overview. All machines are professionally maintained, serviced and transported to your desired location free of charge; to ensure the rapid deployment of commercial vehicle.

If you have any questions, there is a friendly and competent on-site service available.

An excavator is a construction machine used for moving and loosening soil and rock. It is mainly used for the excavation and refilling of excavation pits and shafts.

Excavators are widely used for example in the extraction of coal and ore, as well as in special operations such as dyke constructions. Thanks to their versatility, chain excavators are ideal for various applications. Backhoes (a.k.a rear and back actors),, mini excavators, crawler excavators and the chain excavators marketed at BSS are commonly used.

Today there are numerous suppliers and brands that manufacture and rent excavators. In our product range you will find quality, ready-to-use chain excavators to suit your project.